Acting for the Camera

Casper AndreasDo you dream of an international career as an actor? Do you want to learn how to obtain work in other European countries and in the US?

This Acting for the Camera Master Class in English is designed for actors who already has some acting experience either on stage or in front of the camera and who would like to be better prepared to to audition and work in front of the camera both in Sweden and abroad.

All teaching and scene work will be done in English so international students are also welcome (the teacher does speak Swedish as well if anyone needs personal feedback in Swedish). Creating a powerful performance on film and TV depends in a large degree on the understanding that the only thing that matters is what the camera captures.

This 3 day weekend intensive course is designed to teach students all the skills needed for how to best deliver a captivating yet honest performance on camera:

How to apply their acting craft to working in film and TV where you are often expected to perform the same scenes from various angles up to 20-30 times.
Understand different camera set-ups, how to adjust their performance for a wide shot versus a close-up shot, how to work with moving camera shots, how to handle props and hitting marks.
How to be comfortable performing in front of a camera in situations similar to what one will encounter on a professional set.
Understand what is expected of the actor in various professional situations; studio filming versus independent guerilla style filming; single camera prime-time TV shows versus a multi-camera daytime TV program or sitcom.
How to work with different directors and actors with different skills and backgrounds, and how to take responsibility for yourself as actors to create their best possible work on camera.
In addition the teacher will share practical information about how to obtain audition opportunities in Europe and the US. Discuss self-tapes, showreels, photos, as well as different ways to obtain working papers in the US, what to consider when creating a acting resume for the US market, and much more.

The classes are practical and all students will be expected to be ready to perform on camera each day. The taped performances will be played back in class and feedback will be given. In preparation for Day 1 each student need to memorize a 2-minute contemporary monologue in English from a film or TV show.

Workshop for ”semi pros” (meaning that your acting work might not be full-time but has a clear direction towards the theatrical profession)

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